SEO properties for Shopify Plus and Magento enterprise explained

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term that describes a wide range of things that you can do to improve the search engine rankings of your website. SEO helps your business to increase traffic to your store. The traffic can convert into sales and make you more money. It is important for businesses to choose a platform that helps them to optimize their site and improve search engine ranking.

You can get pretty similar functionalities on both Magento and Shopify Plus. Online stores built on both platforms are search engine friendly. This means that sites built on both Magento enterprise and Shopify have the potential of ranking highly in search results.

Without adding any extensions and apps on both platforms, you can be able to edit the title of a page and the description to define how your website appears on Google search and other search engine results. This tells the search engine what website is all about. This helps to show your site in relevant user searches. If you do this the right way, search engines can help you attract potential customers to your store. This can translate to more sales.

Both Magento enterprise and Shopify Plus can allow you to add alt text to your images and this can help search engines understand what your images are all about. If your site is comprehensible to search engines, it will rank highly in search results. This will help you get more traffic and more money.

On Shopify, the themes are required to have links to your social media/accounts and social media sharing buttons. This helps you to spread the word.


It is essential to choose an e-commerce platform that helps you with your SEO tasks. It is easy and quick to create an online store that is SEO friendly with Shopify Plus. Their apps are also suitable for troubleshooting, so this can give you ample time to make your site as friendly as possible.

There is also a great SEO functionality on Magento. The platform has over 250 apps on their marketplace to help users to optimize their sites. However, the apps can be a little expensive, and there are some that cost $300

If you don’t have enough money to invest, then Magento will be more expensive for you. Shopify Plus has reasonable prices, and the majority of their apps cost around $10 a month.


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