A beginners guide to Magento 2 commerce and Shopify plus

There are numerous options out there for the best e-commerce platform to choose for your online business. We will address this in simple terms by giving actionable advice on the most popular enterprise level e-commerce platforms to use.

Magento 2 commerce

Magento is a long-standing platform that was acquired in 2018 by Adobe. Magento 2 commerce is simply the enterprise version.

Shopify plus

This is a pro version of Shopify. Shopify is an e-commerce company that began serving small retailers. It is based in Canada and has grown and gained popularity among businesses.

Which is the popular company between Magento 2 commerce and Shopify plus?

Magento 2 commerce is more popular and well established in western countries. On the other hand, Shopify Plus is still gaining popularity aside from having a strong presence in Canada and the US. Magento 2 was originally known as Magento 1 and was a highly successful platform back then before it gave way to what is currently known as Magento 2 in 2015.

If you decide to work with Magento, you will have two options; to choose between self-hosted and hosted while Shopify plus is a fully hosted platform.


A site built on Magento 2 commerce is more expensive compared to a website built on Shopify plus. If your business is still at a lower stage, Shopify will be a better option for you. When it comes to maintenance costs, Shopify Plus is cheaper in terms of updates and bug fixing.

Security patches are handled for you on Shopify Plus because it is a self-hosted platform. If you want to add lots of backend functionality then you will be charged on an hourly basis by your agency, and you will be more likely to be on Magento. You can opt for Shopify if you have a tighter budget. The two platforms have thriving extension marketplaces.

License costs

Both Magento commerce and Shopify Plus require you to pay license costs to use their platforms. The fee is usually charged monthly for Shopify Plus while Magento Commerce charges on an annual upfront basis.

Both platforms’ licenses are based the revenue you generate online directly via your platform. Magento invoices this upfront yearly based on Gross Merchandise Value. Shopify Plus charges a $2000 bill on a monthly basis. The $2000 charged by Shopify Plus roughly equates to the lowest absolute fee you pay for Magento Commerce monthly.


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